About Us

Engineering and production of innovative systems with focus on remote sensing, RFID and telemetry. As a specialist for high temperature applications in the industrial field, the company provides OEMs and system suppliers a broad service and product portfolio for the automotive sector, plant engineering, metal industries and many more.

The company was founded in 2014 and with its specialized products and know-how, it has managed to establish itself on the market within only a few years . To various well-known OEMs and supply companies sensideon is renown as a reliable and professional technology supplier.


“We push the limits of sensor technology.”


“Establish new industrial standards with our innovative solutions.”

Our Team

zu sehen ist Dr. René Fachberger, CEO von sensideon.

Dr. René Fachberger

Martin Tudor-Drobjewski, Projektleiter und technischer Vertrieb bei sensideon

Martin Tudor-Drobjewski, MSc.

Project management & technical sales

The constantly growing and well trained team of sensideon GmbH manages to combine innovation, fast growth and highest customer satisfaction.

Our History

sensideon GmbH was founded in the year 2014 by Dr. René Fachberger and is pioneering in the area of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Technology from that day onwards. As one of the first companies worldwide, sensideon provides system solutions in the field of passive temperature and RFID transponders for high temperature applications. With specialized products and professional expertise sensideon established itself within a few years as a technology provider.

What started as a three-member team, has grown to a company with more than 10 employees.


Development of smart sensors for the modern kitchen


Release of heavy-duty rotor telemetry: a robust and compact system for temperature measurement in high-speed electric motors


Release of the new Compact Reader 2.0 Basic and Compact Reader 2.0 High-SpeedStapled readers from sensideon with integrated CAN connection.

Office expansion of sensideon to the Ligusterstreet 4 in Wels, Austria

big white office of sensideon


Ongoing developments of new sensors and tags.


Start of batch production of Super-Tags, Block-Tags and Flat-Tags. Development of high-temperature telemetry for high-speed measurements.


Series introduction of the “compact reader”.


Release of the first industry 4.0 platform for SAW transponder systems.

Ladle-Tracking under extreme conditions1 for steel plants.

Founding of sensideon Gmbh.

Start-Up project awarded by the federal state of upper Austria and the High-Tech-Incubators tech2b.


Successful endurance tests of our sensors in extreme industrial environments (engine test bench2, steel plants3).

Founding of the start-up and registration of the brand sensideon by Dr. René Fachberger

 Automatic identification of steel ladles in steel plants
 High-Speed temperature measurement at speeds of up to 8000 rpm at the engine test bench
 Temperature measurement of a rotating pulley in a galvanic plant