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We provide our project partners and clients with professional support during the realization of new tasks in sophisticated high temperature areas.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

Sending with SAW –
the surface acoustic wave technology

The electrical connection between the antenna and the SAW-chip form an extremely robust wireless sensor – the so called SAW transponder is born. Inside the SAW component, incoming wireless signals are transformed into surface acoustic waves which are sent and reflected across a piezoelectric crystal. The necessary energy is supplied exclusively by the radio signal, therefore no additional energy storage is required. The sensor principle is analogue so the SAW transponder functions without any digital circuits. These characteristics contribute to the exceptional stability of the sensors also during high temperatures.

Unique Expertise

Heavy-duty – accessible for a broad industrial audience

As one of the first companies worldwide, sensideon GmbH took on the responsibility of providing SAW transponder systems for both, object identification (RFID) and temperature measurement (remote sensing, telemetry) to a broad industrial audience. As the focus is put on the constant development and improvement of the own SAW transponder systems, sensideon could establish an unrivalled inter-disciplinary system know-how in this technological field. Starting from the SAW-design, to the construction and connection technology as well as the antenna development and the digital signal evaluation, all system components and modules can individually be assembled and adapted to fulfill customer needs and application requirements.


for extreme requirements

Due to a unique expertise, when it comes to difficult industrial environments, generated throughout numerous difficult industrial applications and pilot projects, sensideon has established a broad and cross-industry based application know-how. The robust transponder systems of sensideon are already successfully implemented in the steel and metal industry, energy technology and automotive. Whether at the cast and forge of steel or aluminium, in high voltage installations or high speed applications, the experts of sensideon can easily and flexibly adapt the modular-based system components according to the customer’s wishes and applications.

High-End Measurement Technique

New standards for passive transponders

Ambient temperature changes of the SAW component influence the length of the crystal and so the speed of the wave. Doing so, also the duration and frequency of the wave changes. This information is used to compute sensor units like temperature, strain, pressure or torsional moment. sensideon specialized itself on the wireless temperature measurement. By the use of highly developed analysis algorithms, newly developed calibration methods, a multilevel error-management system and a patented construction technique, sensideon sets a worldwide standard in terms of precision and stability.

Digitization and Networks

for the smart factory of the future

The impulse response of the SAW-transponder can be specifically coded. Thereby, the read-out signal is also used to identify SAW remote sensors and other objects (RFID tagging). The RFID Tags are characterized by their unattained stability and are the cornerstone for smart factories for the industries 4.0 movement. sensideon pioneers inside this trend with its innovative transponder systems, which are naturally equipped with Web-Interface, data logger, fieldbuses and other synchronization tools.

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