Test & Measurement

Temperature measurement for the pre-development and validation of prototypes

Sensideon goes beyond the limits of the feasible in the area of test and metering technology by enabling temperature measurements at previously barely or hard to reach locations.

The challenge in the field of automotive development lies not only in the technical complexity of the components, but also in the very limited space available within engine and transmission components.

Our solution for wireless temperature measurement on rotating / moving objects

Our system offers the advantage of wireless and passive functionality especially in this field of application. The consistently heat-resistant system allows it to be used in the most confined of spaces and delivers consistently reliable measured values, even at the highest speeds or under the influence of lubricants. Due to this resistance, the sensors can be placed directly on the rotor magnet and thus transmit the temperature information wirelessly.

Another unique feature is also the stability in electromagnetic fields. Therefore, our system is also being used for temperature measurements in electric motors.

data transfer between transponder and reader

Customer Advantages

  • lightweight, compact design, low imbalance
  • passive, no pre-amplification on moving parts
  • extremely robust, functionality even when oil-cooled
  • temperature stable up to 275°C
  • powerful reader with integrated CAN surface


  • combustion engines
  • electric engines
  • industrial- and heavy duty gearboxes
  • wind power
  • drive shafts

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