SAW sensors

Since our inception, we have tirelessly pioneered advancements in Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) transponder technology, making us the global leaders with unparalleled performance and features in our RFID sensors. Our passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards have propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

SAW sensors

Passive and analog sensor technology

Sensideon’s sensors and RFID tags are based on Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. These SAW sensors operate without the need for batteries, an accumulator, or any other external power source. They function purely passively, without circuits, making them extremely heat-resistant. Nevertheless, they can be wirelessly queried without latency. Our SAW sensors measure parameters such as temperature and rotational speed, optionally transmitting an identification number (RFID sensor). Sensideon’s SAW transponder systems meet the high demands of innovative product developers for robustness and sustainability.

Precise and robust

The patented and proven SAW broadband technology by sensideon.

Since our inception, we have been pioneers in advancing SAW sensor systems, holding a technology leadership position in the field with over 20 patents and patent applications. Our broadband querying technology, coupled with high-resolution evaluation algorithms, establishes global standards for precision and accuracy. The use of highly durable special materials and innovative construction and connection techniques completes the outstanding system properties. Sensideon’s RFID sensors are distinguished by unparalleled robustness and stability.

Unique expertise

Tailor-Made RFID Sensors in No Time

Sensideon’s robust SAW sensors are already successfully deployed in the automotive industry, metal manufacturing, plastics technology, and more. Leveraging extensive expertise gained from numerous applications and pilot projects in industrial settings, there exists a broad and cross-industry application know-how. Sensideon’s experts can modularly assemble system components according to customer preferences and application needs, easily and flexibly adapting them to your specific use case. The use of rapid prototyping techniques such as Software in the Loop (SiL), 3D printing, and laser cutting enables us to swiftly implement individual prototypes and conduct field tests.

Everything from a Single Source

Modular Complete System with All Common Standard Interfaces

When deploying our robust SAW sensors in extreme environments, the highest demands are placed on the reliability of system accessories. We offer specially developed coaxial cables, adapter cables, and antennas reinforced with special materials, providing unparalleled thermal and mechanical stability. To facilitate easy integration and networking of our systems, our readers are equipped with all common interfaces. A web application and data logger are available by default, along with Modbus, TCP, and USB interfaces. Custom interfaces can be implemented upon request.

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