Smart Products

SAW technology as a platform for the development of integrated (embedded) temperature sensor systems

machine with temperature sensor

The integration of maintenance-free and passive temperature sensors makes it possible to implement “predictive maintenance” approaches, especially in the case of heavily used machine and plant components.

Through the development of so-called “smart products”, these – mostly wear-intensive – products can detect their own condition and, if so, automatically predict the remaining life to keep the maintenance cycles efficient.

Our solution to ``smartify`` highly stressed products

The comprehensive system and technology competence of sensideon enables the development of tailor-made sensor systems for wireless temperature measurement in the consumer sector as well.

Across industries, smart products are gaining in importance, whether it is in agriculture, food production or plant engineering.

The company has the know-how to individualize and further develop all components. The advantage of wireless systems is both an easier handling and a reduced susceptibility to cable breakage and the like

man clicking on interconnected buttons

Customer Advantages

  • new business models
  • increased customer loyalty
  • directly integrated sensors
  • increased reliability
  • product innovation


  • predictive/preventive maintenance
  • smart products
  • plant engineering

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