We are pleased to present SID2400, an innovative wireless sensor system for in-situ temperature monitoring of your plasma processes. With SID2400 you can measure the temperature exactly where it matters: directly on the substrate!

The sensors can be connected to any rotating object inside your plasma chamber and interrogated wirelessly, without disturbing cables or complex slip rings. The very compact and modular design of SID2400 allows it to be used in any type and geometry of plasma chamber, even as a retrofit in existing facilities. Unlike conventional temperature markers, you get your temperature information directly during your process, giving you the ability to tailor your processes to your needs.

SID2400 is based on our patented 2.4 GHz Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) broadband transponder technology and offers highest reliability and precision. The measurement system is extremely robust, protected against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and has excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Being a prominent provider of passive and wireless SAW sensor systems, we extend an invitation for you to discover the most recent advancements in monitoring plasma chamber temperatures and how SID2400 can enhance process control and efficiency. Get a glimpse into the future of plasma temperature measurement with sensideon’s SID2400 Smart Plasma sensor system. Reach out to us today for additional details and to schedule a one-on-one presentation regarding our innovative solution!

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