Tracking & Monitoring

Temperature measurement for the pre-development and validation of prototypes

forklift driving with steel ladle

The increasing digitization of industrial production processes and, in particular, the convergence towards ever more demanding production steps are driving the need for robust sensor and RFID technologies.

In particular, manufacturing processes under high temperatures and the use of chemically aggressive means of production are ideal framework conditions for sensideon in order to regularly push the boundaries of conventional RFID and wireless temperature measurement.

Our solution for automated tool management in the industrial environment

Sensideon’s wireless transponder systems enable automated object recognition and a combined temperature measurement in demanding industrial environments. Notable examples are transponders for the automated ladle detection in steel works, temperature measurements in forging dies or also the quality assurance in continuous furnaces.

ladles equipped with sensors send signals to readers

Customer Advantages

  • maintenance-free sensors
  • passive, no pre-amplification on moving parts
  • extremely robust, acid-resistant
  • temperature stable up to 350°C
  • powerful reader for automatic detection of moving objects


  • ladle tracking
  • temperature monitoring in forging dies
  • monitoring of continuous furnaces
  • rotary forging plants
  • tool management
  • use in autoclaves

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