Wireless Temperature Sensors

RFID Sensors for Wireless Temperature Measurement

Wireless sensing enables wireless temperature measurement plus the digitization of the data. Application specific requirements as for example batteryless and therefore maintenance free measurement for temperature monitoring under sometimes extreme conditions must be met.

Temperature monitoring at and inside mobile objects requires – besides a wireless transfer of the temperature value – also the automatic and clear assignment of the value to a definite measurement point. The product portfolio of wireless sensing therefore provides a combination of an RFID and a wireless sensor.

Round steel silver transponder with S-shaped antenna in the middle.
Several super tags stacked on top of each other. Four of them in the foreground. Round transponder made with steel. An S-shaped antenna has been removed from the steel.

Our Solution - RFID and Temperature Measurement

Based on the combination of a sensor and an ID, former challenges like the correct assignment of measurement values and related points of measurement can be overcome. Beyond that, the sensors are already calibrated ex works what facilitates and speeds up the installation process of the sensors. The sensors (eg. Super-Tag) can be mounted on different tools and can carry out – besides the temperature measurement technique- also object identification, what provides a variety of benefits in terms of maintenance.

Because of the robust design, the sensors can also monitor the object-related temperature on critical process steps within the production. The small and extremely solid transponders are mounted directly on the tools and guarantee a continuous data collection within the temperature measurement frame, ranging from -75° up to 420°C.

Technological Advantage

  • Operating temperature
  • Aggressive media
  • Fast / dynamic readout
  • Passive and analogue
  • Extremely robust
  • Temperature stable up to 420°C
  • No calibration necessary

Customer Value

  • Increased process stability
  • Quality management
  • Waste reduction
  • Higher operation time
  • Integration into the control processes
  • Shorter production cycles

Areas of Application

  • Steel production
  • Cast & forge
  • Automotive
  • Smart grid
  • Rail

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