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Sensors for Smart Factory

Ein gelber Roboterarm bei der automatischen Bestückung einer Rotationsschmiedeanalge mit einem Werkstück.

Industry requirements are more and more shifting from “preventive” towards “predictive” maintenance. Therefore, equipment is expected to autonomously detect performance levels, adapt machine parameters and thereby maximize tool life. At the same time the machine has to trigger its own maintenance in the most resource efficient way possible. The problem is to find a proper sensor technology, that can generate meaningful data during the production on the one hand and at the same time withstand the industry-typical production environments.

Our Solution

Remote sensors are directly integratable within the processes. The sensor system´s components itself do not need any sophisticated electronics, and by that provide the advantage of being maintenance-free and extremely compact. The modular construction concept of the sensor systems, comprising the sensor and antenna, in combination with sensideon´s comprehensive technology competences allows the precise adaptation of all modules and therefore the adaptation and integration within smallest spaces or different materials. Hence, also the condition of high-wear components can be permanently monitored and if necessary, an autonomous maintenance service can be initiated (autonomously). The advantage of this technology lies within the ability to be integrated without any need for supplementary modifications of the plant components themselves. Also, the ease of operation thanks to a precise factory calibration allows the use of transponders in large quantities. Beyond that, the digital data disposability allows a flexible data evaluation for process controlling and performance adjustments based on the machine performance data.

Customer Value

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduction of breakdowns
  • Increase of safety
  • In-Situ control
  • Automation

Area of Application

  • Choke coils
  • Switch boxes
  • Rolling mills
  • Paper industry
  • Conveyor belt
  • Gears

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