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Wireless Sensor Systems for Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is driving the development of innovative products and processes in ever more extreme areas of application. Wireless sensor systems and RFID systems are crucial for networking with the Internet of Things (IoT). In the industrial sector on the way to the digital factory, in the development of new drive concepts and even in the private sphere in the smart kitchen, conventional sensors and integrated circuits are increasingly reaching their technological limits. What is needed are robust sensors and labels that work without batteries and can be interrogated wirelessly and securely. This is exactly where we come in.

As one of the first companies in the world, we have made it our core task to make wireless sensor systems and RFID systems accessible to a wide audience. Our measurement systems are largely based on Surface Acoustic Wave technology, or SAW for short, and are characterized by unparalleled robustness and reliability.

As an innovative company, we place great value on a professional yet flexible and open working culture.


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“We push the limits of sensor technology.”


“Establish new industrial standards with our innovative solutions.”

zu sehen ist Dr. René Fachberger, CEO von sensideon.

Rene Fachberger

Founder & CEO

Martin Tudor-Drobjewski, Projektleiter und technischer Vertrieb bei sensideon

Martin Tudor

Project management & technical sales

The constantly growing and well trained team of sensideon GmbH manages to combine innovation, fast growth and highest customer satisfaction.

sensideon GmbH was founded in 2014 by Dr. René Fachberger and has been a pioneer in the field of SAW wireless sensor technology ever since.


Product launch of SID2400 – Smart Rotor: A modular and compact sensor system for rotor temperature measurement of highly stressed electric motors on the test bench and in the vehicle


Development of a modular wireless sensor system for in-situ temperature measurement in process chambers and continuous furnaces


Release of heavy-duty rotor telemetry: a robust and compact system for temperature measurement in high-speed electric motors (30,000 rpm) 3


Release of the new Compact Reader 2.0 series in the Basic and High-Speed versions


Relocation and expansion of office space and laboratories at the site in Wels, Ligusterstraße 4

weißes Firmengebäude der sensideon GmbH


Development and production of extremely robust antennas and coaxial cables for high operating temperatures


Start of batch production of Super-Tags, Block-Tags and Flat-Tags. Development of high-temperature telemetry for high-speed measurements.


Series introduction of the “compact reader”.


Release of the first web application for SAW-based wireless sensor systems and RFID systems


Ladle tracking in steelworks under the most extreme conditions 2. Foundation of sensideon GmbH. Award for the start-up project from the State of Upper Austria and the high-tech incubator tech2b.


Foundation of the start-up by Dr. René Fachberger and registration of the sensideon brand and successful endurance test of the measurement technology in an extreme industrial environment 1.

1  Temperature measurement of a rotating deflection roller in an electroplating system with SAW sensors
2  Automatic radio identification of steel ladles in steelworks using robust SAW RFID tags
3  Temperature measurement of a rotating pulley in a galvanic plant