Sensideon under the Top 100 Startups of Austria!

In a ranking competition lasting several weeks, the technology company sensideon was chosen among the “100 startups made in Austria” and presented in the book by Berthold Bauk-Karlic and Florian Kandler.

In the two-page article of the book, sensideon tells:

“After years of research and development in an exploratory environment, we decided to bring our technology to market as we noticed there was an unfulfilled demand for wireless Heavy-Duty RFID-Sensor systems.” Indeed, wireless sensors and tags that measure temperature under the most difficult conditions and identify ID are in great demand, especially for the industry. The measurement data are collected and read out in the reader and thus form the basis for the industrial Internet of Things.

The company based in Wels also talks about the experiences during the corona pandemic:

“During the COVID-19 crisis, we experienced increased diversification. However, the lockdown created various challenges mainly due to an increased uncertainty in one of the company´s core markets – the automotive sector.” In the meantime, the automotive market has recovered and opened up new, exciting opportunities for sensideon.

You can view the book with all startups and their profiles here:

100 Startups Made in Austria

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