Industry meets Startups @ Tirol

With the help of the regional program in Triol, three Austrian companies are looking for innovative solutions. Together with European and international Startups, they want to discover new possibilities. Just like sensideon, the other companies are manufacturers of industrial products and world market leaders in their niche. 

In the course of this, present problems were published in advance. Every company and startup were able to submit a solution proposal for a specific issue. One of the tasks was to measure the material state of industrial products under extreme environmental circumstances. The condition of difficult-to-access or closed components and tools should be measured during production and operation. The collected data should be transmitted wirelessly to the controller. Physical data such as temperature or pressure should provide information about the load on the material.

As described on our website, sensideon deals exactly with such tasks. The SAW transponders, sensors, and tags are characterized by robustness and in-situ temperature measurement and they can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

For more information on how sensideon is measuring the temperature have a look at our core competencies or at remote sensing.

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