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Temperature and RFID for Die Forging

Ein Kübel mit extremer heißer Flüssigkeit wird in ein anderes, kleineres Gefäß geleert.

As much as a proper die temperature is crucial to the forger, since it is a production parameter affecting the tool life cycle, also the temperature difference between the upper and lower die is decisive for the productivity. Too high temperature deviations result in the exceedance of the manufacturing tolerance and makes the tool unusable. The second challenge is the die movement and its regular changeover to different tool shapes whereby cable sensors become troublesome and error-prone.  

Our Solution

In the area of bulk recasting, the SAW technology unites the advantages of temperature monitoring and identification number. Because of its robust construction, the transponders (Super-Tags for the surface temperature or stick sensors for drills) can be mounted directly on the form components and the data can be retrieved wirelessly. The real time temperature and identification data allow a better adjustment of the manufacturing parameters. Hence, the homogeneity within the production is increased, the production cycles are improved and tools are spared.

Customer Value

  • Waste reduction
  • Enhanced quality control management
  • Increase of uptimes
  • Reduction of production cycles
  • Integration into plc business processes

Area of Application

  • Centrifugal casting
  • Pressure die-casting
  • Grey cast iron
  • Die forging
  • Rotary forging
  • Injection moulding

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