Temperature Telemetry

High-Speed Thermometry

Direct data collection of high-performance machines and its wireless data transfer to the evaluation unit is directly dependent on the quality and performance capacity of the sensors. The challenge emerges due to the continuous effort to reduce installation spaces inside engines and gears while simultaneously seeking to increase performance, whether in automotive or industrial engineering.

14 stacked stick sensors S. The sensor consists of a round, metallic sensor head and an arbitrarily long copper cable.
There are four sensor heads in total - two stick sensors L and two stick sensors S.

Our Solution

The sensideon telemetry systems offer a reliable option, especially for high-speed applications, to measure the temperature wirelessly and digitally transmit the information to the control unit, in the smallest size possible. With this technology the focus is on the transmitting unit, which differentiates itself substantially from currently existing systems  in terms of shape and size.

The use of passive transponders – meaning that no supplementary signal amplifier is needed – enables the integration into tight spaces with temperature stability and continuous functionality of all components up to 275°C. This technological advantage in combination with the competences and experiences of sensideon in the area of high temperature and high speed applications, results in an expert system that fulfills even the most extreme requirements. The system allows to collect the data on more than one channels at the same time in order to create a temperature profile across the entire power range.

Technological Advantage

  • Passive and analogue
  • Low weight and minimal construction space required
  • Operating temperature of all components up to 275°C
  • No limitations by operating environment (e.g. oil)
  • Modern software and data availability through diverse interfaces

Customer Value

  • High operating temperature
  • Excellent stability even at high rotational speed
  • Proven technology
  • Suitable for vehicles
  • High resolution and precise measurement data for test bench developments in real-time

Area of Application

  • Automotive (test bench and pilot series)
  • Motorsports
  • Industry and heavy-duty gears
  • Shipping
  • Wind energy

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