Metrology for Test Bench Developments and Prototypes

Im Vordergrund befindet sich ein rot, goldenes Rennauto, weiter dahinter ein grün, goldiges Rennauto

Especially in the automotive development, temperature profiles of various components need to be created checking the calculated simulations and to match it with the construction accordingly. Thereby, prototypes of different stages are equipped with various sensors in order to constantly monitor different parameters on all kinds of components such as bearings, engines or gears.

The challenge for the measurement technology is to apply the sensor on small and fast rotating positions, while simultaneously not influencing the performance or construction of the object.

Our Solutions

sensideon´s telemetry system for the generation of temperature data on rotating objects differentiates itself substantially from other current technologies on the market. The very short measurement times of the evaluation electronics and the perfect tuning of the sensors allow a wireless measurement of the temperature at high rotational speed. In order to keep the effective forces to a minimum during very high rotational speed, the moving components´mass has to be as light as possible, what again advocates the use of SAW technology. The small sensors are lightweight and do not require complex bracing wherefore the effects of the unbalance are kept within strict limits.

Drei übereinander gestapelte 4 Channel Reader. Die Frontplatte hat mehrere Anschlussmöglichkeiten: ein LAN-Kabel, 7-18 V, TR, DIO, RS485 und 4 Anschlüsse (RF1 bis RF4) für Antennen). Auf der rechten Seite befindet sich das Logo der sensideon GmbH

Customer Value

  • Light, compact design, little unbalance
  • Passive, no preamplifier on the moving part
  • Extremely robust, functionality also with oil cooling
  • Temperature stable up to 275°C
  • CAN interface fit (amongst others) for data exchange in automotive

Area of Application

  • Combustion and electric engines
  • Automotive powertrains, gears
  • Industrial and heavy-duty gears
  • Marine engines
  • Wind energy

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